Frequently Asked Questions


No, the session is not a livestream. You (the subject) will be connected to a director over an internet connection, but you are not streaming content anywhere.
In a way, yes. As you produce your video, you will see your director in a window on your device or laptop just like Facetime or a Video Chat. That’s how you will communicate with each other. However, unlike video chats where the video quality is terrible, your video is not recorded over the internet connection. Your video is actually recorded in true 1080p on your phone and is not affected in any way by the speed of your internet connection.
No. You are the only person to see the Director. His/Her voice or image will not be recorded on the video.
  • Our directors are professional videographers with years of experience in capturing the best of people on film
  • Our directors set up and “frame” the shot it looks the best it can be
  • Our directors think about things like having a great background (how many testimonials have you seen where the background looks like a cluttered mess!)
  • Your director is controlling the camera (focus, lighting, color depth, etc.) so you don’t have to worry about anything technical
  • Our directors are trained in a process of asking you questions that get the best answers. We have discovered over the years that the most impactful video does not come from scripts, it comes from having a conversation with a person and answering a great leading question!
  • Our directors will make sure you don’t lose energy, or talk fast, or say “Ummmmm” over and over. No one is terribly comfortable in front of the camera, so we tend to talk fast, forget to smile, or stumble over our words. Our directors are trained to help you maintain great energy, confidently answer questions, and express yourself to make every viewer more engaged with you.
  • Our directors know what people respond to on video, so they will stop you from doing things that turn people off, and make suggestions that will cause people to respond. Our directors (and editors) know how to structure video to maximize engagement and response.
  • All testimonials are professionally done
  • Every testimonial will have consistent branding and messaging
  • We go deeper and get more specifics from your clients. This produces significantly more impactful and engaging video which leads to more sales
  • A customer leaving a testimonial on video without a director will not know what to say and won’t be thinking about how they look or sound.
  • Our directors make your clients feel comfortable on camera and thereby creates more effective video
  • Every video will have consistent high quality
  • Our process eliminates unknown variables and undesired outcomes
  • We don’t leave anything to chance
  • This process will impress your clients and will show a level of commitment and seriousness to them
  • We have a time-tested process that consistently produced excellent testimonials
  • Very little. All we need from you is a warm introduction to your client(s) and to write out a simple description of the product/service you are promoting and what you’d like us to have your client say.
  • We handle all the logistics of making sure your client has all the right equipment and getting them scheduled with our team. We will treat your clients with respect and honor their time and willingness to do this for you.
  • Testimonials must contain specifics. Those that just talk about how “great” a person is won’t convince people to buy from you.
  • A good testimonial will contain a story of a specific problem a client of yours experienced and a description of how you helped that client solve that problem and how their life has changed for the better.

Our Promise

We guarantee you’ll love the quality and substance of your testimonial video. If for any reason you are not satisfied, we will re-edit or re-shoot to make it right at our expense.

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