Thank you! You're all set.

Congratulations on scheduling your Testimonial. This page contains all the information you need to get ready for your session.

What Happens Next:

  • We'll ship you  a Testimonial Video Kit in the mail.
  • You'll unpack your Video Kit and follow directions sent to you for set up.
  • On your scheduled filming day, you'll receive a text or email with link to connect with your Remote Director 
  • Your Remote Director will connect with you through your device and guide you through an easy interview
  • When complete, you'll pack up the Video Kit and return to us using the prepaid shipping label supplied

Your Remote Video Session Agenda:

  1. Setup the Camera & Mic - We'll help you find a location for filming and set up the Remote Video Kit
  2. Filming the Testimonial - A Remote Director will interview and film you through your device (laptop, iPhone, iPad)
  3. Upload the Film  Footage - After filming, we will upload the footage off your device to our editors for production
  4. Pack up & Return the Video Kit - Place all the components back in the box, affix the prepaid shipping label and mail

Download Your Prep Sheet:

Download and your session prep sheet that will get you ready for your Remote Video Session.

Need Help? 

If you still need help, just contact our helpful support department to begin a dialogue. 

Call: (312) 620-0487

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P.O. Box 251
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